In April I...

...watched the following films:
Crash Pad - dir. Kevin Tent ★★
Happy Anniversary - dir. Jared Stern ★★½
Christine - dir. John Carpenter ★★½
The Return of the Living Dead - dir. Dan O'Bannon ★★½
A Funny Kind of Love (AKA The Little Death) - dir. Josh Lawson ★★
The Beaches of Agnès (Les plages d'Agnès) - dir, Agnès Varda ★★★★½
I Love You (Jag älskar dig – En skilsmässokomedi) - dir. Johan Brisinger ★★
Newness - dir. Drake Doremus ★½
Images - dir. Robert Atman ★★★½
Mustang Island - dir. Craig Elrod ★★★
Five Easy Pieces - dir. Bob Rafelson ★★★½
Satan's Cheerleaders - dir. Greydon Clark ★★

...also watched:
University Challenge S2017/2018 Eps 34-37
Only Connect S13 Eps 33-37
The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale S1 Eps 7-11
James Acaster: Repertoire
Wild Wild Country S1
The Defiant Ones S1
Josh S1 & S2
Travel Man: 48 Hours in... S7 Eps 1-4
Pointless S19 Eps 1-19 the following music:
Arctic Monkeys ‎– Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (Vinyl/Download)
The B-52's ‎– Whammy! (Vinyl)
BadBadNotGood ‎– IV (Vinyl/Download)
Fatboy Slim ‎– You've Come A Long Way, Baby (Vinyl/Download)
Loggins And Messina ‎– Finale (Vinyl)
Madonna ‎– True Blue (Vinyl)

...saw Richard Herring: Oh Frig I'm 50! at The Sugar Club
...saw Marc Maron at Vicar Street
...saw Josh Rouse at Whelans

...listened to the following podcasts:
BBC Radio 4 - Comedy of the Week
Rhys James Is… plus interview
It's Not What You Know - Joe Lycett
Sara Pascoe: The Modern Monkey plus interview
Jeremy Hardy Feels It
Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme plus interview
Elis James' Feast of Football
Episode 31: Forgetting your shirt and Neil Warnock's rants
Episode 32: "I love football!"
Episode 33: Where next for Bale, Ramsey and Allen?
Episode 34: "Jacko, I don't think I'll be able to dance!"
Elis James and John Robins on Radio X Podcast
Episode 214 - The Temperature of Punjab, Top Gear Magazine and MasterShouldn't
Episode 215 – Welsh, Punjabi & Bumzone
Episode 216 – Finnish Marmite, Witty David Mitchell and How to Record Store Day
Episode 217 – Perfume (General), Great Riffing & Chilli On Your Charger
Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
The News Quiz 130418
The News Quiz 200418
The News Quiz 270418
The Football Show on Off The Ball
Man City and Barca out, Vickery on Gabriel Batistuta
Mania in Madrid, fearless Liverpool, Mick's farewell
Neymar ducks PSG celebrations, and Joe Hart's clangers
Andrés Iniesta magic and Liverpool v Roma reaction
Roman naivity, Wenger's future and Sunderland relegated
Football Weekly - the guardian
Spurs end Stamford Bridge curse as Manchester City close on title – Football Weekly
Anfield nights and Christ on a bicycle kick – Football Weekly Extra
Manchester and Merseyside serve derbies of contrast – Football Weekly
Champions League drama, safe standing and more – Football Weekly Extra
Manchester City crowned champions and Bayern's big news – Football Weekly
Andy Carroll surrounded by toddlers – Football Weekly Extra
Wenger finally out and managers surviving nuclear fallout – Football Weekly
Mo Salah, mo' problems for Roma – Football Weekly Extra
Football with John Giles
Klopp's attacking outlook and Ronaldo rules the play
Giles: Pep needs to find more balance
Kane's troubles, Pogba's wages and Ireland's strikers
Salah's magic and Arsene Wenger's legacy
Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo
Episode 2206 - Anthony Rapp
Episode 2207 - Cristela Alonzo
Episode 2208 - Leah Krinsky
Episode 2209 - Danny Zuker
No Such Thing As A Fish
Episode 207: No Such Thing As Harry Potter And The Great Overreaction
Episode 208: No Such Thing As A Female Egg Thief
Episode 209: No Such Thing As A Sexy Black Hole
Episode 210: No Such Thing As A Sheep's Bedside Table
Episode 211: No Such Thing As A Photograph Of A River
Episode 212: No Such Thing As A Hipster Pharaoh
Episode 213: No Such Thing As Panda Gladiators
Quickly Kevin; will he score? The 90s Football Show
James Richardson / Football Italia - S03 E01
Lee Dixon - S03 E02
'Sweeper!' by Steve Bruce with Ivo Graham - Part 1 of 2 : S03 E03
'Sweeper!' by Steve Bruce with Ivo Graham - Part 2 of 2 : S03 E03
Tony Dorigo: S03 EP04  -  Part 1 of 2
Tony Dorigo: S03 EP04  -  Part 2 of 2
Elis James / Swansea City: S03 EP05
Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (RHLSTP)
RHLSTP 161 - Johann Hari
RHLSTP 166 - Adam Kay
RHLSTP 168 - Danielle Ward
RHLSTP 169 - Trev and Simon
RHLSTP 170 - Jess Phillips
RHLSTP 171 - Mackenzie Crook
RHLSTP 172 - All Killa No Filla
RHLSTP 173 - Katherine Ryan
RHLSTP 174 - Peter Baynham
RHLSTP 176 - Pippa Evans
The Second Captains World Sevice
Ep 1131: Pogba Pops Pep - 09/04/2018
Ep 1133: From Chemo To Wembley In 8 Months - Cancer Survivor Joe Thompson, Ken Annoys Eamon Dunphy Again - 10/04/2018
Ep 1134: Roma Pull Off A Champions League Miracle, Tofurkey, Liverpool Dream On, And We Meet Our Next Olympic Champion - 11/04/2018
Ep 1135: Because We're Madrid, The Search For Karma, Rubbish Refs, Liverpool In Cold Blood, Barca Benched, Kane's Court - 12/04/18
Ep 1136: It's Roma Romance For Liverpool, Israel Folau Storm in Aussie Rugby, Italian Twitter's Favourite Son, CR7 Leader Of Men - 13/04/2018
Ep 1137: Are Man City Happy, The Greatest PL Team Of All Time, Pogba's Instability, Salah Days, Rafa Madness - 16/04/18
Ep 1142: Merci Arsene - The Revolution, The Legacy, The Successor -  20/04/18
Ep 1143: Arsene Questions the Fanbase - 23/04/2018
Ep 1145: Ken On The Rocky Road To Liverpool, US Murph On The Race To The Bottom, Nacewa's Impact
Ep 1146: Mighty Mo Salah, Liverpool Put 5 On It, Klopp's Work On, Defiant Roma - 25/04/18
The Totally Football Show with James Richardson
Pardew the discarded, Lamela the b*stard and Zlatan the great
Gentleman Ray and A Picture of Dorian Gray
Bubble baths, Bo Selecta and the brow
BONUS: 'Roma Nel Mito'
Karma, perfection and a commemorative gold pen
The secret of success, John Betjeman and Girls Aloud
Pressed plants, Danny Dyer and striped snakeheads
Wenger (over and) Out
Sleeping with one eye open and the Proudsville sausage
Dangerous margins and culinary napalm
WTF with Marc Maron
Episode 873 - Steven Van Zandt
Episode 883 - Macaulay Culkin / Cameron Esposito
Episode 900 - Nick Nolte
Episode 904 - Jason Alexander