They Don't Make Them Like They Used To #89 - Laid Back

Danish electronic pop duo, Laid Back, had a top ten hit in Germany with "High Society Girl" in 1983. The video itself is a bit weird and typical early 80's TV cheap.

First up, you have the weird sight of Syd Little from Little & Large on keys and Kenickie from Grease on guitar but then also their drummer (I think it is anyway) spinning round in the background with a blow up doll stuck to his back all the while surrounded by kids dressed up like they're auditioning for Bugsy Malone. The track, though, sounds like it would fit perfectly on either 'Empire of the Sun' album if you ask me, I wonder if Luke Steele is a fan.

Lars Von Trier also directed one of their videos "Baker Man" in 1989, it's pretty slick involving the band and others skydiving. The track was also used in series 2 of Trigger Happy TV