Calexico - Edge Of The Sun

Calexico return with new album "Edge of The Sun" and it's not a moment too soon. While personally I prefer when they're full on Tex-Mex rather than doing straightforward (well for them anyway) rock, they do strike a great balance between the two here. The album features a ton of collaborators like Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses, Neko Case, Sam Beam from Iron & Wine to Gaby Moreno and Carla Morrison amongst others. The album opens with "Falling from the Sky" which shows they've added some keyboards or synth sounds, showcased even more on "Cumbia de Donde" and on "Tapping On The Line" there's even a beat track looping underneath so their sound is embracing a few different elements. Before we get carried away though, it's very much a Calexico album featuring plenty of tight harmonies (Joey Burns in fine form), beautiful strings and horns, Spanish Guitar, Americana (particularly on "Woodshed Waltz") and the unique drumming of Joey Convertino. Also if you pick up the deluxe version there's six bonus tracks as good as the ones that made the album. Calexico play The Limelight in Belfast on the 2nd of May and Dublin's Olympia Theatre on the 4th.