My Favourite Albums of 2014

Well it that's time of the year again, be doing list of movies again some time next week.
All fave tracks have links so you can listen to them.

10. Paddy Hanna - Leafy Stiletto

Fave Tracks:

Shola says "Great indie album that has one of the best songs of the year in the shape of Join The Army. Definitely in my top ten albums of the year"

9. Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams

Fave Tracks:

Shola says "First Ryan Adams album I've enjoyed in a long time. Nicely focused and crafted guitar rock, nearly a Bryan Adams album to be honest. Definitely in my top ten albums of the year"

8. Future Islands - Singles

Fave Tracks:

Shola says "Best album by a band with a bouncer for a frontman. Really strong listen from start to finish, plenty of chugging basslines and perfect synth hooks. Definitely in my top ten albums of the year"

7. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Wig Out at Jagbags

Fave Tracks:

Shola says "Malkmus's 'solo' output continues to make you miss Pavement less and less. Really laid back (who'd have guessed) and effortless sound. Definitely in my top seven albums of the year"

6. Metronomy - Love Letters

Fave Tracks:

Shola says "Including Future Islands it's been a good year for synth pop. Love Letters' title track has been on repeat since release. Takes some classic pop sounds and makes them seem fresh. Definitely in my top seven albums of the year"

5. Tweedy - Sukierae

Fave Tracks:

Shola says "Jeff Tweedy has the key to the music loving part of my brain, there's nothing he's released that I've not liked. This time he's teamed up with his son, Spencer to deliver a very fine album. There's a nice mix of classic Tweedy signature sounds but ultimately 20 tracks is too much, it really could do with losing four or five tracks. Definitely in my top five albums of the year"

4. Real Estate - Atlas

Fave Tracks:

Shola says "Jangle guitar pop that's nearly as good as it gets, they've improved with each album and continue to refine their sound rather than reinvent themselves each time, which suits me fine. It's an all-weather album in the sense that it suits whatever time of the year your listening to it. Definitely in my top five albums of the year"

3. Generationals - Alix

Fave Tracks:

Shola says "Generationals in at number 3 for the second year running. This album's a bit more electronic than 'Heza' last year but you still know it's them. Gone is the sunshine maybe of their earlier records but they still know a pop hook when they hear one and it's packed with them. Definitely in my top three albums of the year"

2. Gruff Rhys - American Interior

Fave Tracks:

Shola says "He's no stranger to the concept album and on this one he retraces the steps of a distant ancestor who traveled across the USA centuries ago looking for a Welsh tribe. The album takes in a myriad of styles that somehow mesh well, baroque pop on the title track, a hoedown almost on '100 Unread Messages', 80s synth on 'Lost Tribes' to name a few. Definitely in my top three albums of the year"

1. Ginnels - A Country Life

Fave Tracks:

Shola says "Mark Chester is a busy man, he seems to be involved a different musical venture depending on what day of the week it is, but Ginnels is my favourite incarnation. On 'A Country Life' while there's some great piano work and strings it's when he takes everything that I love about guitar pop and condenses it into such great catchy and concise pop songs (only the title track dares to pass the four minute mark) that I get excited the most. Every song on this is a winner so it was hard to pick the three fave tracks above, so do yourself a favour and at least listen to the album if not purchase it at my favourite album of the year"

Here's what just missed out on top ten (in no particular order):

Wampire - Bazaar (Fave Track - Wizard Staff)
Eels - The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett (Fave Track - Mistakes of My Youth)
Jenny Lewis - The Voyager (Fave Track - She's Not Me)
Liam Finn - The Nihilist (Fave Track - Helena Bonham Carter)

and be sure to check out my last spotify playlist with a load more tracks from this year on it