The Final Countdown...

Netherlands 3-2 Uruguay (PREDICTION 3-1)
So as predicted the Dutch were too good for the Uruguayans, but only just, with Van Bronkhorst scoring the goal of the tournament if you ask me. Good to see an edgy finish to the match with Uruguay getting a second even though it ruined my prediction. It really is an amazing achievement for the Dutch getting to the final when you go through the squad and see how average they are, Heitinga, Van Bommel, de Jong, Kuyt, I could go on, but the bit of class with Sneijder and Robben seems to be enough for them.

Germany 0-1 Spain (PREDICTION 2-2, GER on pens)
Poor old Germany couldn't get near the ball. It seemed the youthful energy that got them this far cost them in the end with no one in the team with enough leadership or experience to drag them into the game, which was a shame because I thought they could get goals on the break.

So predictions:
Germany 2-1 Uruguay

Spain 2-1 Holland (Van Bommel to get a red card)