England go out, most people don't really mind...

26th June
Uruguay 2-1 South Korea (PREDICTION 2-1!!)
USA 1-2 Ghana (aet) (PREDICTION 1-0)
So again a great start for my predictions, but all downhill from there. Was over in London watching two They Might Be Giants gigs so only got to watch the second half of the first game and it was mainly South Korea chasing the game from what I saw. Anyway then the Yanks went unfortuantely, so the romance of an African team lives on, and Keegan reckons they can beat Uruguay, so who am I to disagree.

27th June
Germany 4-1 England (PREDICTION 1-1, Eng on pens)
Argentina 3-1 Mexico (PREDICTION 2-1 and at least one red card...)
So the most bizaare day of the World cup anyway. Still think people are being slightly (just slightly!) unfair to England with the disallowed goal, at 2-2 there's no way they would have chased the game and Capello would have had them camped in their own half to compensate for Terry and Upson being unable to run. And as for the Mexico game, can we get of rid of big screens at outdoor events (how many times have you been in the pit for a gig and found youself looking at the screen as opposed to the band right in front of you??), replaying the offside goal so the team can see it is insane and I'm surprised the fans didn't kick off in the ground for a bit.

**check out Keano's reaction to England going out, he's on top form.

28th June
Netherlands 2-1 Slovakia (PREDICTION 3-0)
Brazil 3-0 Chile (PREDICTION 2-0)
Again didn't see much of these games, the Dutch seemed to be relatively in control of this with only a penalty in the last second as consolation for Slovakia. Brazil were too good.

29th June
Paraguay 0-0 Japan (Paraguay on penalties) (PREDICTION 1-2)
Spain 1-0 Portugal (PREDICTION 2-2, Spain on penalties)
Two dull games, with the penalties and Villa's bit of class the only things to lift the gloom. Glad to see Portugal go out if i'm honest, didn't think they showed much, well apart from scoring 7 against North Korea that is....ah shut up, they were pants the rest of the time.

Quarter final predictions:
2nd July
Netherlands 2-1 Brazil (again just going for an upset)
Uruguay 1-2 Ghana (Keegan called it)

3rd July
Argentina 3-2 Germany (hopefully lack of defences ensures goals)
Paraguay 0-2 Spain (should be straightforward)