World Cup 2010 is about to begin...

So that was a quick four years anyway. Fantasy league done, credit card put away (sorry paddypower, it's on holidays) and the coke zero is in the fridge. The only drawback is of course the afternoon kick-offs which is going to be a bummer during work, but I'll just have to cope.

Now predictions wise I don't really know who I'm gonna back. Maybe Italy just because they nearly always do what they need to and the only thing they are a missing for me is a striker, but then you can't really look past Germany, Brazil, France, Spain, England, Holland or Argentina either...Seriously though I do hope England have a good run in the World Cup just so I can laugh at all the hype and coverage Sky Sports News will throw at it.

As regards backing an African team, Ghana missing Essien and Muntari doubtful I'd say no, so I'd say Nigeria may be the ones to watch.

So hopefully the World Cup can keep pace with the opening ceremony which had a performance from R Kelly of all people and John Giles commenting on the singing, it was okay he said. Oh and Apres Match will be back which will make up for the amount of times I'm going to see the Anelka/Crouch Pringles ad.