"We're all behind the manager but Joe Cole should start..."

No predicted scores correct, alright!! Again I didn't see all of all of these games so....

Argentina 4-1 South Korea (PREDICTION 2-1)
Well Argentina cruised this for the majority, although when they conceded from DiMichelis daydreaming, it nearly went 2-2, but Argentina were worthy winners, and I must say looked better off with Aguero on than Tevez. Higuain first player to score World Cup hat-trick since 2002.

Greece 2-1 Nigeria (PREDICTION 0-2)
Bastards. My prediction was looking good until Kaita decided to be a git and get sent off. First Greek win in a World Cup apparently.

France 0-2 Mexico (PREDICTION 1-1)
Well, well, well. Piss poor again. My problem with France isn't the handball etc, it's the fact that they're crap. Mexico kept the ball well and did all the attacking. Great to see Hernandez score, who looked alright which is a bonus as ManU fan. Anelka getting sent home I'd say made McCarthy and Keane chuckle but I don't know how the French players refusing to train was supposed to help matters.

Germany 0-1 Serbia (PREDICTION 3-1)
Klose gets sent off for one tackle and an accidental trip and suddenly Serbia look good. Podolski becomes first German to miss a penalty in the World Cup in normal time since 1974, surprised Germans didn't claim he was Polish. The coaching staff dressed up in cardigans was a nice bonus.

Slovenia 2-2 United States (PREDICTION 0-2)
Well this was a cracker, probably best game of the World Cup so far (I'm agreeing with Richard Sadlier!). States were robbed though with a disallowed goal, because there were ten fouls going on when that ball came in, so I don't know how you could pick out just one.

England 0-0 Algeria (PREDICTION 3-0)
Christ, I'm not even going to comment on this, its been said. But I will comment on John Terry, shut up you dope.

Netherlands 1-0 Japan  (PREDICTION 2-0)
Japan unlucky not to get a draw out of this to be honest form what bits of this I saw, Sneijder my only fantasy player doing well.

Ghana 1-1 Australia (PREDICTION 3-1)
Kewell unlucky not to pull his arm away on the line, gets sent off and then game stumbles to a draw, which in the end was a shame because if Australia won that game they'd all be on 3 points in that group going into the last game, but they didn't so...

Cameroon 1-2 Denmark (PREDICTION 2-1)
Poor defending made this a good watch, with plenty of goal action. Two Danish goals were well worked.

Slovakia 0-2 Paraguay (PREDICTION 0-1)
Didn't see this game at all but knew Paraguay would win this game so no surprise.

Italy 1-1 New Zealand (PREDICTION 3-0)
Again didn't see this, but from what I hear Italy are a shambles only outdone by France, shame yer man Wood didn't stick his shot in at the end.

Brazil 3-1 Ivory Coast (PREDICTION 2-1)
Only saw the bit where Kaka was getting sent off, bit stupid but believe Ivory Coast could have had two sent off before that and Fabiano's second goal was a handball. So Brazil still looking like the team to beat.

21st June
Portugal 2-0 North Korea
Chile 1-1 Switzerland
Spain 4-0 Honduras
22nd June
Mexico 0-0 Uruguay
France 1-0 South Africa
Greece 0-4 Argentina
Nigeria 0-2 South Korea
23rd June
Slovenia 1-3 England
USA 1-0 Algeria
Australia 1-1 Serbia
Ghana 1-3 Germany
24th June
Paraguay 1-0 New Zealand
Slovakia 0-1 Italy
Denmark 1-1 Japan
Cameroon 0-2 Netherlands
25th June
Portugal 1-2 Brazil
North Korea 1-0 Ivory Coast (have to predict one shock)
Switzerland 1-0 Honduras
Chile 1-2 Spain