Monsters of Folk - London - Troxy - 17/11/09

Well, what to say about this?

The gig lasted for three hours and it was as epic and as enjoyable as I could have hoped for. Opened up with "Say Please" and "The Right Place" and from there on in they really managed to get the balancing act of each musician's back catalogue and the new songs right. I could honestly happily listen to M.Ward or Jim James singing for the rest of my life. I must admit my knowledge of Conor Oberst is quite limited, but enjoyed his performance at End of the Road 2008, and his work on the night, so should probably start digging deeper into his albums. Only downside of the gig was that it ended.
Typically NME went with the headline about Oberst knocking over the piano at the end, probably the least memorable thing of the night, ah well. My highlight was the drummer being called Will Robinson (Lost in Space!!) he can sing as well, and "Whole Lotta' Losin'" in the encore.

Below is the new video to "Say Please"