Hello my name is Mick McGovern and this is my website amawaster.com where I divert you to what's diverting me.

Established in 2009, the website has never won or been nominated for any awards whatsoever.

I like to post what I get up to every month as regards what I'm watching, listening to, reading or going to (This Month I...)

Music wise, I post about new or upcoming releases, I also post about old songs and videos as well (They Don't Make Them Like They Used To) and I put up a new Spotify playlist on the odd Sunday (Sunday Spotify) and I do an end of year list of my favourite albums of that year (Best Music of the Year)

Film wise, I put up the odd trailer every now and then and the end of every year I do up a big top 50 list (Adventures In Movie Watching).

Some random facts:
- born 1981 - nickname is Shola as in Shola Ama(waster) - attended the Institute of Technology Dublin for 4 years - have a membership card/loyalty card for all Dublin City Centre cinemas that offers one - Oxford United Fan - big fan of Bunsen burgers and Juniors sandwiches -