In April I...

...watched the following films:

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds - dir. Paul Newman ★★★
Cotton Comes to Harlem - dir. Ossie Davis ★★★★
Fear City - dir. Abel Ferrera ★★
Smithereens - dir. Susan Seidelmann ★★★
The Night of the 12th (‘La Nuit du 12’) - dir. Dominik Moll ★★★½
Men - dir. Alex Garland ★★
Watermelon Man - dir. Melvin Van Peebles ★★★
Between The Lines - dir. Joan Micklin Silver ★★★½
The Rachel Papers - dir. Damian Harris ★
Super Fly - dir. Gordon Parks Jr. ★★★
Black Caesar - dir. Larry Cohen ★★★½
Sick Of Myself (‘Syk pike’) - dir. Kristoffer Borgli ★★★★
A Fish in the Bathtub - dir. Joan Micklin Silver ★★★½
Brakes - dir. Mercedes Grower ★
An Autumn Tale (‘Conte d'automne’) - dir. Éric Rohmer ★★★
Black Tide (‘Fleuve noir’) - dir. Erick Zonca ★★
La Collectionneuse - dir. Éric Rohmer ★★★
Badlands - dir. Terrance Malick ★★★★ the following films:
The Ghost and Mrs Muir - dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz ★★★

...also watched the following:
A Brush with Comedy - dir. Louis Moir
Celebrity Hunted S5 Eps 1-4
Cheap European Homes S1 Eps 5-6
Filthy Garden SOS S1
Gardeners' World 2023 Eps 4-7
Gogglebox S21 Eps 7-10
Home of the Year S9 Ep 8
Home Greek Home S1 Ep 6
Succession S4 Eps 1-5
Taskmaster S15 Eps 2-5
University Challenge S2022/23 Eps 30-33
Taskmaster S7-S11

...saw Gaz Coombes at the Academy the following music:
Swimmers Jackson - Now Is All
Champagne - Champagne

...listened to the following podcasts:
Elis James and John Robins

#266 - Single Pringles, Sportageddon and 225 Lollipop Ladies
#267 - Atomic Bum, Apologetic Moshing and Yo Shoeshi
#268 - The Royal, Insanity Platters and DI Robbyns
#269 - Bonus Mobility, Long Awaited Wazzes and Angers on Dressage
The Frank Skinner Show
R Gymlad
Best Bits of Gareth Richards
Royal Mat
Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo
Colt Cabana
Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster
Ep 66: Louis Theroux
Ep 74: Anthony Jeselnik
Ep 81: David O'Doherty (Bonus Episode)
Ep 85: Jo Brand
Ep 86: Russell Howard (Bonus Episode)
Ep 87: Sarah Millican (Bonus Episode)
Ep 94: Todd Barry
Ep 99: Domhnall Gleeson
Ep 102: Rafe Spall
Ep 111: Emily Atack
Ep 112: Simon Amstell
Ep 116: Bob Mortimer
Ep 119: Jamie Oliver
Ep 126: Jack Dee
Ep 132: Harry Hill (Christmas Special)
Ep 133: Tim Key
Ep 149: Adam Buxton
Ep 162: Matt Lucas
Ep 165: Richard Ayoade
Ep 175: Alex Horne (Christmas Special)
Ep 177: Kathy Burke
Ep 182: Joe Cornish
Ep 186: John Kearns
RHLSTP with Richard Herring
RHLSTP 436 - Al Murray
The Taskmaster Podcast
Ep 125. Kiell Smith-Bynoe - S15 Ep.2
Ep 126. Jenny Eclair - S15 Ep.3
Ep 127. Frankie Boyle - S15 Ep.4
Ep 128. Ivo Graham - S15 Ep.5