A Touch of Klass - More World Cup Spoofery

Brazil 1-1 Chile (Chile on pens) (Prediction 2-2, Chile on pens)
Colombia 2-0 Uruguay (Prediction 3-1)
So the goalfest I was hoping for from Brazil/Chile didn't happen but it was an entertaining enough game throughout and Chile were unlucky not to steal it, David-Platt-style, when they hit the bar in the 119th minute. Brazil showed some nerve in the penalty shootout, I was expecting them to fold under the pressure but instead they pulled through and now face Colombia in the quarters. Only saw very miniscule highlights of the second game, but both Rodriguez goals were great for different reasons, one an individual display of technique and skill with a powerful volley, and the second a well worked goal including a very clever header at the back post by Cuadrado for Rodriguez to strike. I would do a toothless Uruguay joke but I've been well beaten to it at this stage.

Netherlands 2-1 Mexico (Prediction 2-0)
Costa Rica 1-1 Greece (Costa Rica on pens) (Prediction 0-0, Costa Rica on pens)
Both the Netherlands and Mexico struggled with the conditions in the first half but in the second half the game sprang into life after Dos Santos blasted one in from outside the box. The Netherlands found another gear when they changed shape slightly and got Robben into the game more. Huntelaar came on for a drained and ineffectual Van Persie and showed his Klass (apologies) by setting up Sneijder's volley and then stepped and took the winning penalty. Robben's diving is tough to take but while he clearly exaggerated the fall for the penalty it was silly for Marquez to make that challenge, and the penalty was deserved in my opinion. Kuyt must have played five or six different positions including both full back berths, so I'm not sure all of these turnarounds are down to tactical nous or clutching at straws.
Finally onto the big game, the first 90 mins of Costa Rica and Greece was a bit of a dud but extra time was fun at least. Ruiz' goal was jammy and Greece's equaliser was down to tiredness after Duarte got sent off after an hour, leaving space. Costa Rica said they practiced their penalties and it showed and they go through to face the Dutch which left me with the expression below....and yes that is the Costa Rican jersey, excuse me while I kiss the badge...

France 1-0 Nigeria
Germany 2-0 Algeria
Argentina 3-1 Switzerland
Belgium 1-1 USA (USA on pens)