In September I...

...watched the following films:
Fright Night 3D - dir. Craig Gillespie
Animal Kingdom - dir. David Michod
Super - dir. James Gunn
The Hedgehog (Lé hérrison) - dir. Mona Achache
Devil - dir. John Erick Dowdle
30 Minutes or Less - dir. Ruben Fleischer
Friends with Benefits - dir. Will Gluck
Page One: Inside The New York Times - dir. Andrew Rossi
Drive - dir. Nicolas Winding Refn the following long players:
Wilco - The Whole Love
Josh Rouse and The Long Vacations - Josh Rouse and The Long Vacations
Laua Marling - A Creature I Don't Know
Paul McGrath - Handle With Care

... saw The Diet of Worms "CULT" at the Lir Theatre
... saw Rep of Ireland draw 0-0 with Slovakia at the Aviva
... saw Man Utd beat Chelsea 3-1 at Old Trafford