Coming (Not So) Soon...

The Sitter - dir. David Gordon Green - Due to be released in Ireland - 27th Jan 2012!
Starring: Jonah Hill, Sam Rockwell

That's right, some extremely funny and talented people have thought it would be a great idea to go ahead and basically remake "Adventures in Babysitting" and turn it into an R-rated comedy and who are we to stop them, considering I laughed out loud three or four times while watching the trailer.

Tower Heist - dir. Brett Ratner - Due to be released in Ireland 4th November 2011
Starring: Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck, Alan Alda

What a cast! Who knew the cinematic event you weren't waiting for was going to be this random assortment of people. Seriously hope it's in 3-D, just to top off the naffness. I must say it is good to see Alan Alda and also Michael Pena in anything though, so I'm sure I'll end up going. Also Casey Affleck must really like being in heist movies or something...

Battleship - dir. Peter Berg - Due to be released next summer!
Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Liam Neeson, Brooklyn Decker

Yep they're making Battleship, the game, into a bloody movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!