Coming (Not So) Soon...

Take Shelter - dir. Jeff Nichols - Starring: Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain, Shea Wigham

Michael Shannon has the greatest face in movies and televison at the moment, it's just a fact. After stealing both Revolutionary Road and Boardwalk Empire from under the noses of some very good actors, comes this indie drama which comes out before he will be better known to everyone as General Zod in the new Superman Man of Steel movie. The film deals with a man who begins to see apocalyptic visions and sets about building a shelter for his family, which worries everyone around him.

50/50 - dir. Jonathan Levine - Starring: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick.

Cancer comedy, could be funny, could be annoying, could be overly sentimental, we won't find out till late in the year anyway, but the cast involved gives me the optimism that it will be worth watching.

A Little Help - dir. Michael J. Weithorn - Starring: Jenna Elfman, Chris O'Donnell

From the creator of The King of Queens, comes a dramedy that seems to be in the mould of what James L.Brooks used to be great at. Jenna Fischer stars as a mother whose life is suddenly thrown off course and who then gets herself caught up in a web of lies at the same time as she tries tries to put her life and her son's back together.