Have You Met... Sonny & The Sunsets

San Francisco band Sonny & The Sunsets have been one of the most pleasant musical discoveries I've had this year (thanks Colm R), which is unfortunate because last year's album "Tomorrow Is Alright" would have featured high up in my favourite albums list if I had known about it. The album reminds me of Velvet Underground and Jonathan Richman, but there's also a lot more going on, hear for yourself below on "Death Cream" and "Too Young To Burn"


Their follow up album is "Hit After Hit", released last month, which manages to live up to its title with every song smelling of a classic pop formula while still feeling fresher than most daisies, and perfect for the good weather we're currently enjoying. So check out "I Wanna Do It" and "Teen Age Thugs" to whet your appetite.


Singer Sonny Smith also managed an amazing feat, he came up with a 100 fictional band names, sent them onto to graphic designers who came up with artwork for each, and he then wrote 2 songs (an A-Side and a B-Side) for each band and put all of this on show as part of art exhibition, 100 Records, I suddenly feel very lazy.