My Year In Music 2010 - Albums 40 - 31

This year I'm going to do a top forty list and then split it into four posts to get my blog entries up a bit.
So here's 40-31 then.
*Each fave track has a link so you can listen to them* 

40 . Josh Rouse - El Turista
In fairness this album could have been called "Let's Get Ready to Rumba" if Josh was from Newcastle, beacuse on this album he takes his inspiration from Spain rather than classic Americana or American pop. He covers Cotton Eyed Joe and on I Will Live On Islands evokes Paul Simon's Graceland, no bad thing you'd agree.

Fave Track - I Will Live On Islands

39. Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love
I still can't get over that I don't really like this album too much, because it's probably their most confident album, so perhaps that's maybe why. As much as I enjoyed the God Helps The Girl album, I did tire of it pretty quickly and a lot of this album sounds too much like it or at least in the same vein. I really need to hear a Stevie Jackson solo album as well, because yet again it's his contribution I enjoyed the most.
Fave Track - I'm Not Living In The Real World 

38. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Let It Sway
The Missouri four piece released their third album towards the end of the summer on Polyvinyl Records and it was another fine collection of hooks and harmonies, the kind you wish Weezer would be making right now. 

Fave Track - Sink/Let It Sway
37. Ed Harcourt - Lustre
His fifth album, but his first on his own Piano Wolf Recordings label, is probably his best album, it is extremely atmospheric as Ed himself points out "It's got horns, violins, howling, mellophones, the Langley sisters, barks, whistles, hell I even sung down by a creek in the middle of the night". What more could you want ?

Fave Track - Heart of a Wolf
36. The Black Keys - Brothers
I must admit I ignored this album for ages but was won over by their video for Tighten Up. A fine blues record that is complimented by a fine mix of styles. There's falsetto, a harpsichord, classic glam 70's rock drums and much more to keep you interested, the fact that it is an hour long is its only drawback.

Fave Track - Too Afraid To Love You

 35. Cotton Jones - Tall Hours in the Glowstream
A description of a band's music as psychedelic Americana may send some people running but they'd be missing out some pretty impressive songs. The band started as a side project for Michael Nau, previously of Page France but this has since become his full time gig which is more than fine by me.
Fave Track - Somehow To Keep It Going
34. The Apples In Stereo - Travellers In Space and Time
The album on which Rob Schneider (not that one) & Co go all ELO on our ass and who knew that would turn out to be such a great idea. There are other influences at work here you can hear Disco, Hall and Oates and they all combine to make a brilliant album that their label owner Elijah Wood would be proud of.
Fave Track - Nobody But You

33. Teenage Fanclub - Shadows
The Fannies return for their ninth album and prove their tunesmith abilities aren't going to abate anytime soon. There are great moments on this album like Baby Lee and Sometimes I Don't Need To Believe In Anything but overall it wasn't really the album I was anticipating, still good though.

Fave Track - Baby Lee

32. Adam Green - Minor Love
Gone is much of the childish humour that first drew me to his work but it's replaced by some fine Lou Reed-esque songwriting as heard on songs like Buddy Bradley and What Makes Him Act So Bad, and an album that contains 14 songs and then clocks in on or around the 32 minute mark and makes you feel like you're not getting cheated is always impressive.

Fave Track - What Makes Him Act So Bad
31. Field Music - Measure
Measure from the Sunderland brothers Peter and David Brewis proves just how good they are and justifies its length as a double album which was the biggest surprise to me. Due to it's size and scope they manage to cram in all sorts of music, from classic rock to XTC to Kate Bush and lots more, all the good stuff from the past basically but make it sound fresh, which is really hard to do.

Fave Track - Them That Do Nothing  

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