Dutch Oven Too Hot for Brazil

2nd July
Netherlands 2-1 Brazil (PREDICTION 2-1!!!!)
Uruguay 1-1 Ghana (AET, Uruguay on penalties) (PREDICTION 1-2)
Again another absolutely stellar start to the round predictions wise, most people looked at me as if I was mental when I said I fancied the Dutch, but there's just enough about them to go all the way. Van Persie still ain't up to much but it doesn't seem to matter. Only real problem I have with Brazil going out is it means the crowd shots in matches will be less attractive.
So to the other game and Suarez gets his comeuppance, have no sympathy for the lad, spent the tournament diving and just glad the ref saw it. At least Suarez joins Kewell with a shot for best keeper at the tournament, well best save at least. Gyan, sorry bud, but why didn't you take the first penalty like you did the second?

3rd July
Argentina 0-4 Germany (PREDICTION 3-2)
Paraguay 0-1 Spain (PREDICTION 0-2)
So Germany continue to ruin my predictions, and fair play to them they were amazing in this game, although it was disgusting to see Argentina throw in the towel like that, just completely gave up after the second goal went in.
Spain did just enough but only seemed to wake up after the penalty save by Casillas. The move for the goal was sheer class even though it looked like they were just about to overplay it, and the two Alonso penalty incidents were good fun.

So Semis (tee hee)
Netherlands 3-1 Uruguay
Uruguay missing Suarez so the Dutch should be too good for them.

Germany 2-2 Spain (Germany on penalties)
I've predicted Germany to go out twice so thought I'd go with them this time, although this will be the first time they face a team with a midfield, so let's see if they can counterattack as much.