You've got to hand it to Gallas.....because Henry did.

Yep the inevitable France game blog. I, for one, am really gutted that we're not going to the World Cup and I must admit I got caught up in the furore after for a bit, like putting up Lesley Gore's "Maybe I Know" on my facebook and enjoyed The Mighty Stef's song, but let's get serious for a minute.

What was the point of asking for a replay? To try and shame the French FA a bit, because there was no way FIFA were going to force them into a re-match. The only thing the FAI were thinking about was the sponsorship and endorsements they were going to be missing out on from the World Cup. All the players knew they would react the same way as Henry did, the only difference is one of our lads would have handled the ball agonisingly wide.

The reaction of Roy Keane, while on one level he's right about certain things, like dodgy penalties and decisions we got in the past, just illustrated his inability to "get over it" rather than anyone elses.

Anyway there's always 2014.