COSTA-HURT-A - More World Cup Spoofery

Thursday 19th June
Colombia 2-1 Ivory Coast (Prediction 1-1)
Didn't get to see most of this but Colombia are looking very good, aren't they? Ivory Coast should beat Greece handily enough and go through as runners up. Greece are really nothing to fear, but then again the tragedy in the Toure family could mean things are up in the air for the Ivory Coast....

England 1-2 Uruguay (Prediction 2-1)
Whenever I think England are going to do something they shoot themselves in the foot, although they were ultimately unlucky if you ask me. They created a lot of close chances and the winner came from an attempt at a clearing header by Gerrard, but it seemed England's back four/five were lacking when it came down to it. Also Dunphy gets away without having to wear a dress on air after the Italy/Costa Rica result the next day, shame.

Japan 0-0 Greece (Prediction 2-0)
Eh let's just leave it at that....

Friday 20th June
Italy 0-1 Costa Rica (Prediction 2-0)
Dream stuff from my adopted country, fiver in the work pool still has its legs. Very impressed with how they hold onto the ball and work their way out from defence as much as they can, saves their legs. Italy looked bereft of ideas so this decider with Uruguay is balanced nicely.

Switzerland 2-5 France (Prediction 1-2)
Goals galore, even one going in two seconds after the final whistle, I haven't backed Benzema for top scorer so wasn't annoyed. The Swiss were very poor with Senderos back in the team (not all his fault mind, keeper had a mare even though he saved a penalty) so again while France look like world beaters, the two games have been too easy for them. It could mean they have more in them come the end of tournament or they'll fall at the first proper test, who knows (this World Cup is proving I don't anyway!)

Honduras 1-2 Ecuador (Prediction 1-1)
An entertaining if technically inept game of football, there was never any threat of any periods of constructive passing breaking out. The result gives Ecuador the slightest chance of getting out of the group if France put out all their reserves, but the Swiss should dispense of Honduras easily enough and go through. Unfortunately neither the Swiss or Ecuador stand a chance of going beyond the second round.