COMPUTER SAYS GOAL - More World Cup Spoofery

Thursday 12th June
Brazil 3-1 Croatia (Predicted 2-1)
Jammy is a word that springs to mind about this one, dodgy penalties, goals ruled out for no reason but all in all, the Croat keeper should probably have stopped all three goals if you ask me, even though you didn't. Brazil starting very slowly but wouldn't rule out momentum building just yet, and the Croats looked good particularly Modric and Rakitic in the middle.

Fri 13th June
Mexico 1-0 Cameroon (Prediction 1-1)
A flummoxed linesman was the only reason that Mexico didn't win this game more convincingly, and I have to say Mexico looked a lot more organised than I thought they would be, so my following predictions for them in the rest of the group maybe unfair on them, Cameroon looked listless.

Spain 1-5 Netherlands (Prediction 0-0)
Now don't worry I do remember saying Spain haven't got much worse since the Euros you won't have to remind me, they didn't really do much going forward, Xavi looks done, and I don't think the back four were ever in a line once throughout the entire game. The Netherlands looked more useful than a midfield of DeJong and DeGuzman would have suggested, I knew the front three were strong but their defence didn't get tested at all, so overall still wouldn't be too sure about them.

Chile 3-1 Australia (Prediction 2-0)
Looked like it was going to be 5 or 6 nil at one stage but Australia did brilliantly to get back in the game and almost nick a draw. Chile very poor at the back but you could seeing them getting a result against Spain considering how poor they were against the Dutch.

Sat 14th June
Colombia 3-0 Greece (Prediction 1-0)
Well Greece were crap and the Colombian defence I suppose you could say were GREECE PROOF (yeah you probably heard that joke off me before but I'm driving it into the ground and possibly again when Greece play Ivory Coast and Japan). Colombia looked decent going forward and a goal threat which I wasn't expecting with Falcao out.

Uruguay 1-3 Costa Rica (Prediction 1-0)
Well, well, well, my draw in the work World Cup pool could not have done me prouder, this victory, well any victory in fact, was more than I could have hoped for. Costa Rica looked well drilled and had a decent shape and as I thought Uruguay are poor at the back and are now looking like they may go out in the first round but then again, playing England next...

England 1-2 Italy (Prediction 3-1)
My optimistic punt of England outpacing and overpowering Italy didn't happen due to the humidity, heat and Italy being able to hold onto the ball for most of the game. Still a bit of hope for England in that Uruguay were piss poor and their attacking play, when they eventually got the ball, was quite decent.

Ivory Coast 2-1 Japan (Prediction 2-2)
Fell asleep during this one (what? I tried) and it looked like Japan were going to coast this one so was surprised to see Ivory Coast nicked it, just going to presume they put on the big lads (aka Drogba) and overpowered Japan in the end.

Sunday 15th June
Switzerland 2-1 Ecuador (Prediction 2-0)
Ecuador looked alright but that was mainly down to a shockingly poor first half from the Swiss, but thankfully everyone's faith in the FIFA rankings was restored by a dramatic last minute goal for the Swiss coming from a counter attack just as it looked like Ecuador were going to steal it.

France 3-0 Honduras (Prediction 2-0)
GOAL LINE TECHNOLOGY WORKS BUT SOME PEOPLE STILL CAN'T FOLLOW IT, really straight forward but still commentators and managers confused. France looked better than I've seen them for a while but the opposition may have flattered them. Honduras set out to spoil and got their just desserts with a red card for Palacios and a convincing defeat.

Argentina 2-1 Bosnia & Herzegovinia (Prediction 2-1!!!!)
My only prediction to be 100% spot on. Bosnia should be reasonably happy with how they played, if not the result, apart from Dzeko who wasn't up to much last night, definitely not beyond them to beat both Iran and Nigeria. Argentina got away with it to a degree and only looked comfortable in the second half with Higuain and Gago coming on, but they seemed to being cruising/showboating just a bit too much when the Bosnians pulled one back

So overall very decent quality of matches and only three teams failing to score over the 11 games.

Monday 16th June
Germany 3-1 Portugal
Iran 0-1 Nigeria
Ghana 1-1 USA

Tuesday 17th June
Belguim 2-1 Algeria
Brazil 4-0 Mexico
Russia 3-1 South Korea

Wednesday 18th June
Australia 1-3 Netherlands
Spain 1-0 Chile
Cameroon 0-2 Croatia