Knoxville Morning

Newbridge's answer to Jack Kerouac and full-time Mark Hughes disciple, Ciarán Dwyer has assembled a small army of musicians to help embellish and give life to a bunch of songs inspired by trips across the Atlantic and is now finally available for the masses to ingest. Having seen the project build over a number of months and witness the amount of hard work that has gone into making this album a reality, it was great to see that the album got a launch last week that was so popular and sold out that even I wasn't allowed in.

The album is out now on The First Born is Dead Recordings and available in all good record shops in Ireland (and even some bad ones). Also available on iTunes HERE, be sure to check out "Baseball Song" and "Trumpets" at the very least.

*UPDATED* check out the title track below, vidjo by colmrussell