We finished 16th!!

GROUP A - Sat 16th
Czech Rep 1-0 Poland (Prediction 1-2)
Greece 1-0 Russia (Prediction 1-3)
Well congrats to any crazy person out there who predicted the end of this group. How Russia couldn't pull together and get a draw I'll never know, Greece seemed to show Ireland what we should have been doing, with Samaras and Salpingidas being very clever when holding the ball up and Karagounis spreading the ball well whenever he got on it. The match also provided my highlight of the tournament so far with Karagounis's meltdown after getting booked for diving when he should have got a penalty and realised he'd miss the quarter finals. It wasn't long before they had to take him off and he was still going mad on the sidelines. As for the Poles they kind of just petered out in the end and the Czech's looked quite comfortable, but be surprised if they do anything against the Portuguese in the next round.

GROUP B - Sun 17th
Denmark 1-2 Germany (Prediction 2-2)
Portugal 2-1 Netherlands (Prediction 2-2)
Bendtner and his boxers go out as do my 88/1 hopes of him being top scorer. Germany seemed to be below par but still got what they needed in the end. CRonaldo managed to wake up just at the right time for the Portuguese and put them through into the quarters with two very well taken goals, and with them facing the Czech in the next round, who knows how far they can go, although I think just Postiga up front will catch them out at some stage.

GROUP C - Mon 18th
Croatia 0-1 Spain (Prediction 2-2)
Italy 2-0 Rep of Ireland (Prediction 2-1)
Ireland bow out with a better performance but still nothing to get excited about, the substitutions again were strange and we conceded from two corners, the first one a header from Cassano probably one of the smallest Italian players on the pitch. Yet again the Italians scrape out the result they needed to go through and I do think it's harsh on the Croats but they go out after failing to scrape a draw against a Spanish side who were poor by all accounts on the night.

GROUP D - Tues 19th
England 1-0 Ukraine (Prediction 2-1)
Sweden 2-0 France (Prediction 1-3)
Hmmm, this changes everything, France who I've backed seemed to be rubbish tonight, and failure to win the group means they face Spain in the next round, but then again Spain only looked world class against us, so who knows. England scraped through as group leaders, Rooney looked off the pace but then again he got the goal. Terry's clearance off the line I'm sure will make some people smile and may mean he gets a more sympathetic jury come his trial.

Czech Rep 1-3 Portugal
Greece 0-4 Germany
Spain 1-1 France (France on pens, wishful thinking I know)
Italy 1-1 England (Eng on pens)