Bad ideas for Television Shows:
  • No Shit Sherlock - All about an uptight detective with constipation
  • Star Trek: Keeping Up with the Cardassians 
  • Murder, She Tweeted
  • Power City - Irish soap set in an electrical store
  • All Watched Over By Yer Man from Will & Grace
  • Haw-hee - Kids cartoon about a donkey Taoiseach
  • Ready Steady Book - novelists have 20 minutes to write a book with a minor celebrity.
  • Agatha Christie's Poirot SVU
  • Surprise Surprise - Cilla Black telling people they're adopted 
  • Teh Dyslexic Vampire Dairies - tough read
  • So You Think You Can Dance Around Handbags
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Boners
  • The Wanking Dead 
  • Postmodern Family - pretentious sitcom