When We Were Young - Knightmare

Knightmare was an ITV children's game show that ran from 1987 to 1994 and used early advances in blue screen technology to create a medieval fantasy world that a team of four would try and navigate through. Like most role playing games the person picked to go into the Dungeon would have to figure out puzzles and cast spells and such and were able to pick up food along the way to replenish life force (which would go down if you took to long to figure stuff out or got attacked). This person would have to wear a massive oversized helmet though and be guided by three other people back in a different studio, so in this sense it was similar to "The Crystal Maze" which would follow, in that there were a lot people shouting "one step to the left...LEFT!"  It was really riveting for a young gentle soul such as myself, and I've been trying to copy the beard of the Dungeon master, Treguard ever since. I can't ever remember a team winning either but I'm sure someone must have (in fact youtube has the first victors). Two clips below though are the opening titles and an illustration of the LEFT! thing I was talking about.