Jeff Bridges Season at the IFI!!

To celebrate the release of Crazy Heart (Feb 19th) and Oscar nom, the IFI have thankfully put together screenings of some of his best work, and a chance for you to see these on the big screen.

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot - Feb 12th (6.30)
Hollywood Cowboy (Hearts of the West) - Feb 13th (6.30)
Tron - Feb 17th (6.40)
The Fabulous Baker Boys - Feb 18th (6.30)
Jagged Edge - Feb 19th (6.30)
Cutter's Way (Cutter and Bone) - Feb 22nd (6.40)
The Fisher King - Feb 25th (6.10)
The Big Lebowski - Feb 28th (2.00) (Carling Cup Final at 4.00pm!!!)

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IFI Box Office: (01) 679 3477