The amawaster podcast - Pod#2 - Niall and Barry from Swimmers

On Today's Pod I chat to Niall and Barry from Swimmers about their new EP "This Burning Circus". We get into music, photography, movies, passwords, Words with Friends, apps, lemon drinks, Chevy Chase's face and we play a game of Have You Ever?

Swimmers play Whelan's upstairs tonight (Sat 25th)

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Swimmers - This Burning Circus

Dublin band Swimmers launch their second EP "This Burning Circus" and you can stream it and buy it over on their Bandcamp - It's quite a step forward for the band since their last EP and the four tracks showcase their ability to make fine indie rock, "Lose Myself", "Body Ahernia" and "World Keeps Turning" are catchy as hell and feature some nice shouty vocals while "(Waltz) This Way" shows they're capable of going any direction they want to with their music.

The band play upstairs in Whelan's on Saturday 25th April with support from Switzerland.

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Sunday Spotify - 19/04/15

1. Kitty - The Presidents of the United States of America
2. Winona's Big Brown Beaver - Primus
3. Sex And Candy - Marcy Playground
4. Reservoir - Metronomy
5. Son Of My Father - Chicory Tip
6. Girls And Boys In Love - The Rumble Strups
7. Lonesome Street - blur
8. Dream Lover - The Vaccines
9. Roscoe - Midlake
10. Bullets & Rocks - Calexico
11. Mockingbirds - Grant Lee Buffalo
12. Your Ghost - Kristin Hersh
13. The Light Will Stay On - The Walkabouts

TDMTLTUT #83 - RL Burnside - Let My Baby Ride

R.L. Burnside was a blues musician from Mississippi who gained some fame in the early nineties touring with Jon Spencer of Blues Explosion fame and unfortunately has nothing to do with the character of the same name from The Bill (remember DCI Burnside?). "Let My Baby Ride" is taken from the 1998 album "Come On In"

"Let My Baby Ride" was covered as part of the intermission of the film "Holy Motors" directed by Leos Carax (him again) where Denis Lavant (him again) leads a troupe of musicians slinging accordions and other instruments around what seems to be a church. While the clip may seem weird out of context it doesn't make more sense in the movie to be honest.

Blur on Jools Holland last night

blur showcased two more new songs off "The Magic Whip" (released on the 24th April) on Jools Holland last night and thankfully these two have got me a lot more excited about the album. "I Broadcast" is full of distortion and uptempo and "Ong Ong" is a bass-led poppy effort with a singalong chorus.

Pre-order "The Magic Whip" on iTunes

Calexico - Edge Of The Sun

Calexico return with new album "Edge of The Sun" and it's not a moment too soon. While personally I prefer when they're full on Tex-Mex rather than doing straightforward (well for them anyway) rock, they do strike a great balance between the two here. The album features a ton of collaborators like Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses, Neko Case, Sam Beam from Iron & Wine to Gaby Moreno and Carla Morrison amongst others. The album opens with "Falling from the Sky" which shows they've added some keyboards or synth sounds, showcased even more on "Cumbia de Donde" and on "Tapping On The Line" there's even a beat track looping underneath so their sound is embracing a few different elements. Before we get carried away though, it's very much a Calexico album featuring plenty of tight harmonies (Joey Burns in fine form), beautiful strings and horns, Spanish Guitar, Americana (particularly on "Woodshed Waltz") and the unique drumming of Joey Convertino. Also if you pick up the deluxe version there's six bonus tracks as good as the ones that made the album. Calexico play The Limelight in Belfast on the 2nd of May and Dublin's Olympia Theatre on the 4th.


Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Step Brother City

One of my favourite US indie bands, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (or SSLYBY for short) return with a new album "The High Country" in June. The first track released is "Step Brother City" and while full of their trademark catchy hooks and harmonies, there's a departure from a lot of their previous work and it's no bad thing. Judge for yourself below.

Pre-order here: