Sunday Spotify - 05/07/15

1. Give Up Your Dreams - The Phoenix Foundation
2. Eventually - Tame Impala
3. Sparks - Beach House
4. Right Here, Right Now - Giorgio Moroder, Kylie Minogue
5. Waking The Jetstreams - The Go! Team
6. Amsterdam - Peter Bjorn & John
7. You Said - Madness
8. Shout To The Top - The Style Council
9. Love Plus One - Haircut 100
10. Crystal Falls - Josh Rouse

TDMTLTUT #87 - Hit The North

While "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To", I know The Fall do in fairness but I'm mainly putting this up because Frank Sidebottom's version always makes me smile. I used to love watching Frank on late night TV years ago and was delighted when I first got a Sky Dish and I got to watch him again on Channel M, a local Manchester TV channel, before he unfortunately passed on. The mask was used most recently in the fine film "Frank" and on reflection I think the only problem I had with the movie was I was expecting them to capture Sidebottom's northern (English) humour which they didn't, but in fairness they did capture his homemade creativity I suppose. Anyway see which version you prefer below.

In June I..

...watched the following films:
Listen Up Philip - dir. Alex Ross Perry
Altman - dir. Ron Mann
Milius - dir. Joey Figueroa, Zak Knutson
Hooper - dir. Hal Needham
Bright Days Ahead ("Les beaux jours") - dir. Marion Vernoux
California Split - dir. Robert Altman
Crimewave - dir. Sam Raimi
Human Capital "Il capitale umano" - dir. Paolo Virzi
Scott Walker: 30 Century Man - dir. Stephen Kijak
The Secret in Their Eyes "El secreto de sus ojos" - dir. Juan José Campanella
Modern Romance - dir. Albert Brooks
Jodorowsky's Dune - dir. Frank Pavich
Are You Here? - dir. Matthew Weiner
Appropriate Behavior - dir. Desiree Akhavan
Goin' South - dir. Jack Nicholson

...also re-watched:
The Apartment - dir. Billy Wilder

...also watched:
Game of Thrones S5
Parks and Recreation S7
The Strypes:  Best Thing Since Cavan - dir. Julien Temple
Ken Loach in Conversation with Cillian Murphy
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S1 the following music:
Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?
Princess Chelsea - The Great Cybernetic Depression

...saw the Republic of Ireland draw 0-0 with England and 1-1 with Scotland at the AVIVA stadium

Princess Chelsea - Too Many People

Princess Chelsea first appeared on my radar when I came across the effortlessly cool "The Cigarette Duet" from her first album "Lil' Golden Book". Now back with a second album, the synth heavy concept album "The Great Cybernetic Depression" which, in an interview with, she explains "It's a fictional world event 10 or so years in the future (of course). It is a metaphor for the anxiety and depression I was experiencing during the writing of said album." The standout track as far as I'm concerned is "Too Many People" and the yet again simple but hypnotic video is below.

Video directed by Simon Ward.

"The Great Cybernetic Depression" is out now and available to buy on Lil' Chief Records here

Princess Chelsea: WebsiteFacebook - Twitter - Soundcloud

Sunday Spotify - 28/06/15

1. Zorro Is Back - Oliver Onions
2. Excerpt From A Teenage Opera - Keith West
3. Mathilde - Scott Walker
4. Catch Us If You Can- The Dave Clarke Five
5. Microminiature Love - Michael Yonkers Band
6. Brick By Brick - Les Fleur De Lys
7. Beautiful Woman - Shin Joong Hyun
8. Ole - The Funkees
9. I Know What I Know - Paul Simon, General M.D. Shirinda, The Gaza Sisters
10.  Heaven & Hell - William Onyeabor
11. The Coffee Cola Song - Francis Bebey

TDMTLTUT #86 - Van Morrison - Wild Night

Today's "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To" has Van playing my favourite song of his, live in 1980, the opener off Tupelo Honey "Wild Night"

John Mellencamp and Me'Shell Ndegeocello did a cover of it it for his 1994 album "Dance Naked" and it went as high as number 3 on the Billboard Charts.

Martha Reeves also does a great cover of course, which appeared on the "Thelma and Louise" Soundtrack.

Liam Finn - Wrestle With Dad

Last year on Liam Finn's album "The Nihilist" there was a song "Wrestle With Dad" and now's there's a video to go with it, and you guessed right, Liam' wrestling with Dad, the star of the Flight of the Conchords radio series and Crowded House's Neil Finn.

Directed and edited by Liam and Neil Finn
Filmed by Elroy Finn and George Kannavas

Buy "The Nihilist"